Los Angeles Rams: Drafting when you have to be perfect

3 min readFeb 16, 2021


All of us Rams fans know one thing, the draft picks are slim to say the least. With no First Rounder this year or in any year to come really, we have to look past the draft spectacles and look for diamonds in the rough. Not only do we have to look for Diamonds, we have to be correct, with not alot of picks, we need to hit on some of these later round prospects if were gonna stand any chance in the next few years. Nevertheless, Here are my picks for the Rams this year.

  1. Round 2- Wyatt Davis- Ohio State

To say that our O-Line was a problem is an understatement of dynamic proportions. After losing Saffold our O-Line has never been the same. Call me a homer (if y’all didn’t know I went to Ohio State) but Wyatt Davis is a stud. He's the quintessential agile guard, and most importantly for the rams, is incredibly versatile, having played at tackle and center during the season. With his versatility, speed, and strength he’s the perfect pick here

2: Round 3: Dylan Moses- Alabama

Dylan Moses is the quintessential modern day inside linebacker. Gone are the days of big bricks stuffing up the middle. Current middle linebackers need to be agile,good tacklers, and have safety level coverage skills. While Dylan moses isn’t perfect, I think that he has the qualities comparable to his previous Alabama counterparts and at his very best with good enough development reminds me a lot of Darius Leonard. Will he be a all pro linebacker ? perhaps not, but he has the potential too and that is what we are looking for.

3: Round 6-Amari Rodgers- Clemson

I know what your thinking, We have Cooper Kupp, why another Slot guy ? I think that Amari Rodgers will be the the steal of the draft, a clemson wide receiver is always a good shout, and while he isn't tyreek hill, hes sneakily fast, and has one of the best route trees i've ever seen in quite some time. While he isn't up there with Jamar Chase and company, he will be a top 5 reciever from this draft and I want the Rams to have him.

4: Round 7: Jamal Hines- Toledo

Jamal Hines, there isn't much to say here. He's big, strong, and fast. For an edge rusher who gets to work with Aaron Donald, a mentor whom he could learn alot from, he has all the intangibles to be great with technique.