Qb Breakdowns part 1: the Golden Boy

4 min readFeb 17, 2021


Every draft you can expect a few things, Jon Gruden will draft the fastest wide receiver, Bill belichick will draft an unknown phenom, and perhaps most importantly, we have no idea who's actually going to be a good QB. However in my infinite wisdom, i’m sure as hell going to try. For the first quarterback were looking at Elway 2, Andrew Luck reincarnated, Trevor Lawrence.

Pros: His Stature

Trevor Lawrence is a massive man, at 6–6 220 he’s a prototypical QB prospect with big hands.

Pros: His Arm Talent

Trevor Lawrence is a wizard with the football. He makes absolutely immaculate throws, has zip on the ball and can throw in a tight window. If you’re looking for great evidence of that, watch is loss this year against Ohio State. Lawrence bullied top prospect Shaun Wade on back shoulder throws, and multiple times threw into a dime in between linebackers. Hes immaculate in his technique as well, no weird angles like Lamar Jackson, and no bad footwork.

Pros: He’s been in the Spotlight

With great power comes great responsibility. Lawrence has been a mega start since he was about 15. Constantly being the talk of the football world. He knows how to handle himself in front of the media, and he knows how to handle himself online. Two things that in this day and age are truly intangible.

Pros: Leadership, Competitiveness, and a overall Good Teammate

Lawrence is a natural born leader. Watch any of his losses, he never blames, never pouts, never bullshits. The man takes almost all of the blame onto himself. Talking about missed throws and missed opportunities. Leading into this is his natural competitive drive. He’s a monster. Watch his comeback win vs. Ohio State, you can see kids giving up, Lawrence looks like the reincarnation of Tom Brady, Laser focused ready to destroy. He’s a Teammate first, a rally the troops kind of guy, and a guy that can inspire I winning culture.

Pros: His Legs

Lawrence isn’t Lamar Jackson, but if you've seen him on various read options he has Josh Allen like speed. Hes quick and can make defenders miss. The man is definitely a dual threat and in this day and age, a quarterback needs that agility and ability to scramble.

Cons: Decision Making

Lawrence is a great quarterback with an achilles heel. He can make any throw and sometimes he really tries to force it in there. Case in point, if you go back to his near loss to North Carolina last year, you’ll see what I mean. Lawrence is not going through his progressions and is not moving his eyes. Two big no-nos in college let alone in the pros. While not plaguing his Clemson career, it’s definitely not a secret that he can have a bit of tunnel vision.

Cons: Lawrence has Never Been on a Bad Team and Never Truly Lost

Lawrence has lost a handful of games his entire life. He’s accustomed to being able to coast past a few of the not so great teams. Even when playing against great team, Lawrence had top round talent all around him. From Travis Etienne, to Tee Higgins, to the other side of the ball with Isaiah Simmons and AJ Terrell and that’s just a few. The man has never been without true talent, going against the best week in week out. this is the problem for all quarterbacks coming into the NFL, but let’s look at the Jaguars situation.

the Jaguar’s have D.J Chark as their #1 WR, Chris Thompson as their #1 RB. Not exactly top tier talent. The defense is still in shambles after the loss of top corner Ramsey, and the O-Line while having solid veterans, still needs work. Lawrence will be at the front of an ambitious rebuild, with former Foe Urban Meyer leading the helm. I think Urban will be in for the learning curve of the century, (no offense to him, I love him, but the jump is notoriously hard) and I think Lawrence may not be exactly thrilled or happy about what is probably at best an 8–8 team.

This is where I see Lawrence having issues. the “Next Andrew Luck” Monocher is true, he’s the best prospect on paper. But Luck was drafted to an organization that proved it can win, boosting the best record of the 2000s overall. Proved it had a capable coaching staff and owner, dedicated to winning. Most importantly, it proved it was willing to put talent around Luck on both sides of the ball. I think Lawrence may have a tougher time making that happen down in JacksonVille

Overall: by far the best prospect, worried about the future