The State of The Los Angeles Rams

3 min readFeb 15, 2021

The rams have come a long way from being the once mediocre team that stunk up the midwest. After moving out to LA, the Rams wasted no time making a splash. Firing perennial 7–9 king Jeff Fisher, hiring Sean McVay, and drafting what appeared to be franchise quarterback Jared Goff. Then came the free agent acquisitions, as draft picks like Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp began to flourish. Free agent signings like Dante Fowler, Namakan Suh, and Andrew Whitworth began to develop a stellar team. Once the laughing stock of the NFC West became the greatest show on surf. Demolishing teams with its offensive capabilities right on its way to a superbowl. It seemed like a match made in heaven, the best defense vs the best offense. The bright young coach vs. the old titan. What happened is all history, the patriots demolished the rams offense with a 5–2 scheme. With the cherry being goff throwing an interception in a last ditch effort to score a touchdown. The rams were down, but not out. After an embarrassing 2019, the Rams looked to be back on track, with a stellar defense headed by now 3 time DPOY Aaron donald, a surprising good Leonard Floyd, and the best corner in the game Jalen Ramsey. The problem ? The seemingly flawless offense of 2018 was a shell of itself. Perhaps its due to the lack of OPOY level Todd Gurley. Perhaps it's due to Cooper Kupp being out. However, alot of the blame fell on Jared Goff. Pat Mcafee famously said if Jared Goff looks scared in the first quarter, but the other team. The worst part about that is that it's true. Goff was a mess throughout the regular season. Switching from Elite Game Manager to Johnny Manziel impersonator. After a disappointing wildcard weekend, every Rams fan knew the packers were going to steamroll them. Sure enough during the divisional it was really a no contest win for the Packers, with a hurt hand Goff was basically useless in the rough loss. Then came the bombshell of the offseason so far. Jared Goff and his Massive contract were shipped off to detroit for Matt Stafford with the Rams giving up 2 first rounders in a blockbuster trade. So now with a new Quarterback, the question remains, Where are the Rams today ?

To me, the rams are in perhaps the most difficult situation of any of the major contenders. They have an ageing star. Matt Stafford is a slinger, don't get it mistaken. If you haven't been watching Detroit football (probably like many of us) Go look up his no look pass this season. Even though Stafford is aging he is still a pro bowler. they also still have a decent receiving core with Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp. Defensively, The duo of Jaylen Ramsey and Aaron Donald is always a threat. However, the rams have alot of free agents this year

this is a list of all of the free agents including standouts Leonard Floyd, Austin Blyth, John Johnson, and Samson Ebukam. Along with this Darious Williams is a restricted free agent. We see the rams strategy crumbling. Even if they are able to sign replacements, the defense will not be as good as it was last year. Offensively, perhaps with the few draft picks we have left, we may be able to plug offensive line holes and perhaps a third receiver, however, that is wishful thinking. The rams are aging with no draft picks to replace their issues and with not enough cap to retain their free agent signings. What I mean by this is that the Rams are all in. The rams have given up first round picks like it’s nothing, thrown money at veterans like its going out of style, and gone down a rabbit hole that will either end in a championship, or lead to one of the biggest examples of how money can’t buy you a ring. The only way to know which way this fork in the road goes is to watch.